SITP RADIO, the Radio Broadcast Center of the Mass Transport System in Bogota, Colombia

The City Hall of Bogota: "for a Bogotá more human" together with the Integrated System of Public Transport of Bogotá: SITP put into operation on August 5th, 2015 the first radio broadcast center of a mass transport service in Latin America: “SITP Radio”. The aim of SITP Radio is broadcasting immediately the latest news of the mobility of the System, messages of civic culture and a careful selection of music and friendly voices for a nicer trip. This, coupled with a winning set of human talent, advanced technology and a commitment to quality service every day, makes of SITP radio our new channel of communication with the TransMilenio - SITP community.


According to latest studies, in Bogotá there are more than 200,000 people who have access to technology through a mobile phone. Thanks to the internet provided by the system, digital radio was born to fulfill the requirements of secure connectivity, enabling our users to maintain a longer and better connection with us through our radio communications. Additionally, thanks to the internet app, SITP Radio, the information reaches worldwide.



24 hours of programming on a permanent participation of listeners, daily report about the status of the lines and buses, and above all, entertaining for our TransMilenio System - SITP.

Note: The mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play for Androids, and can be heard through Tunein as SITP Radio.


Listen to SITP Radio at: