The plan to increase the load points through retail in Santiago

In July 2013, Metro took over the administration of the pay card system calls “bip!” that is the payment method for buses and the metro system in the city of Santiago. One of the main challenges was to give a better access to loading channels to users and, with that purpose, different actions were taken.

In addition to the current 1,500 reload points, Metro expects to add another 400 points before the end of the year mainly in outlying districts of the city.

In order to expand the service coverage, commercial agreements were signed with some supermarket chains for incorporate the retail business into the reload service. This action allowed the addition of other 127 new load points in supermarkets in 33 city municipalities.

Finally, the use of remote payment for reload transactions through the Webpay system, which has been available since 2014, has showed a strong growth. Only during the first half of 2015, the transactions charged to debit cards doubled  and those ones charged to credit cards increased in five times.