Now it is possible to recharge for Single, BOM and Legal Ticket with debit card through the VouD app

Initially, the service will be offered to Caixa account holders under the Elo banner
 São Paulo, March 2, 2020 - VouD, an urban mobility application developed by Autopass, now accepts a debit card to recharge the Single Ticket, BOM, Legal card, as well as to issue the QR Code, used for payment fare on the Metro and CPTM. The new function is available to account holders and Savers at Caixa with the Elo flag card.
To use the novelty, you need to access the Internet Banking Caixa, generate a virtual debit card and the security code. Then, register it in the VouD app and enable the debit payment option. The credit function is still available for the user to select the payment method they prefer.
The development of the new functionality of the application arose from the consumer demand for new means of payment within VouD. “Based on studies that we carry out each semester, we identify our customers' desires for new forms of payment so that they have more ease and more option when traveling from one point to another. We found strategic partners at Caixa and Elo for this innovation ”, says Rubens Gil Filho, president of Autopass.
"This new service values ​​security in the e-commerce transactions of our 100 million account holders and savers who can now make purchases over the internet using the Caixa debit card", says Jeyson Cordeiro Vice President of Retail at Caixa.
The service is now available on the platform. For more information about VouD, visit: and download the application, available in Android and iOS versions.
VouD is an urban mobility application, created by Autopass to facilitate the daily lives of those who need to get around big cities. With more than 1 million downloads, the app integrates all modes of transport (bus, Metro, CPTM, bicycle, taxi and ride apps), so that users arrive in the best way to their destination. Indicates routes, costs for commuting and price comparison, travel time, bicycle finder, purchase of credits for Single Ticket, in addition to being the only one that allows you to load the BOM Card and the Legal card, which serves the city of São Bernardo do Field. The app also has the Denouncement Function, for reporting aggressions, sexual violence or robberies and thefts in public transport. VouD is available on iOS and Android platforms to guarantee freedom of choice to come and go, in time and the way the passenger wants.
Autopass is the largest private company in the electronic ticketing chain management in the country. Currently, it manages more than 4 million daily transactions in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region and has more than 10 million customers registered on the BOM Card (transportation ticket for the São Paulo metropolitan region) and on other Autopass System cards.
With a focus on urban mobility, it is a reference in the development of technological and innovative solutions for public transport, which facilitate citizens' lives and contribute to the construction of smart cities. Among the solutions are: the QR Code, for the payment of individual tickets; Vale Transporte Digital, which has just been launched and is in the testing phase; and the VouD application, the only one that integrates the various modes of transport in the greater São Paulo and offers, in real time, information on better routes, cost per modal and also allows you to recharge transport cards.
In 2019, Autopass was elected the best “ticketing system operator” for the seventh consecutive year by the magazine Maiores do Transporte & Melhores do Transporte. It was also included in the ranking of the 100 most innovative companies in the country by the Whow! Innovation 2018.
Elo is one of the main Brazilian payment technology companies. With nine years in the market, Elo has more than 132 million cards issued in partnership with more than 30 issuers. Elo has acceptance in 10 million establishments across the country and in more than 190 countries and territories, the result of a partnership with Discover Global Network, Discover Payments' global payment brand. Elo is one of the Best Companies to Work for in Latin America, according to the Great Place to Work 2019 ranking.
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