Metro Innovation Laboratory of SP

Express of innovation
The São Paulo Metro opens on February 18, MetroLab, its laboratory for organizational innovation and metropolitan mobility. This is the first laboratory in the world of companies in the sector, focused on solutions that improve urban mobility. The project is a partnership with the São Paulo Metro Technological Innovation Center (NIT) and will be located at UNIMETRO, the Metro Corporate University.
Metrô / SP inaugurates the world's first innovation laboratory with a focus on metro-rail projects
The São Paulo Metro opens on February 18, MetroLab, its laboratory for organizational innovation and metropolitan mobility. The laboratory is the first in the world to study problems and develop solutions that improve urban mobility, through sustainable projects that combine knowledge from the technological, organizational and cost reduction areas.
“MetroLab is a reaffirmation of the commitment of the Metropolitan Transportation Secretariat and the São Paulo Metro with society in the São Paulo capital, to always seek innovative mobility solutions”, says Alfredo Falchi Neto, Metro's Corporate Affairs Director. “In the laboratory, we will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and develop projects that bring improvements to Metrô users,” he says.
MetroLab was born in the environment of UNIMETRO, the corporate university of Metrô, in partnership with NIT - São Paulo's Technological Innovation Center, which will be responsible for the company's innovation management. The project arises from the accumulation of learnings and developments, provided by the culture of innovation over the 52 years of operation of the São Paulo Metro.
Throughout this time, the São Paulo Metro has strategically invested in human resources, knowledge and new metro-railway technologies. These innovation actions have resulted in advances in sectors such as management, telecommunications, Information Technology (IT), automation, rolling stock, civil and infrastructure engineering, tunnels and underground works.
The NIT will articulate the network of institutions - on a global level - that think strategically about mobility, aiming to improve the lives of passengers on metropolitan metro transport and, consequently, life in the city.
The laboratory aims at collaborative development, through the participation of Metro employees and research and development entities that constitute the ecosystem of metropolitan transport and urban mobility. The projects will be for corporate use to meet the needs of the Metro areas.
In the space, workshops will be held, with the objective of debating and bringing solutions in relation to the intrinsic challenges to the subway transportation environment. The idea is to be a reference for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the participants, and that results in adoptions of improvements in people's mobility.
In addition, MetroLab also has a Maker Space, Decompression Room and a small Incubator for Complex Projects.
In support of knowledge generation, the MetroLab environment was designed so that there is total interaction between the participants. In addition to the latest technological equipment, the laboratory's architecture has open spaces and environments specially designed to encourage the constant exchange of knowledge and innovation.
“The history of the São Paulo Metro's pioneering spirit once again emerges with a project that points to open innovation, new methodologies and the transmission of knowledge. All with the aim of always offering a world-class metro transport system ”, concludes Falchi Neto.
Opening of MetroLab
When: February 18th