In a few days we will enter the twentieth century. The great changes already seen in the previous two decades will be accentuated. It is difficult to be clear about what will happen as new business and new technologies are strongly impacting societies by altering even people's behavior, regardless of the political regime of their countries.
The impact on urban mobility will deepen. If we become apathetic and the future of mobility is decided without our participation, this will not exempt us from the consequences. Technological changes will be relentless in this decade and will put pressure on all the productive chains of society.
UITP's Latin America Division in 2020 will continue to debate and propose actions on key trends that will affect urban mobility in our countries: deepening digitization throughout the mobility chain, increasing fleet electrification and new sources of generation and energy storage, the advent of autonomous and connected collective vehicles, new on-demand services, mobility seen as a service and an increasingly sharing economic environment.
In defense of urban mobility with the backbone of public transit we have set a very active agenda for 2020.
From an international point of view we will have the theme of ITS presented in March in Karlsruhe - Germany, various trainings on various subjects, and congress in Dubai and Singapore.
We will discuss in a seminar the trunk and tire trunking systems. We will discuss in workshops the concepts behind these technological changes:
  • What is Artificial Intelligence and how will it impact urban mobility?
  • How does the Blockchain platform work and what are the application possibilities in our industry?
  • The handling of big data (Big Data), the technical and legal issues in the collection, processing and use of data.
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS): the different structures being deployed around the world integrating all forms of displacement. Conflicts of interest between the different actors. The technical and political issues at stake.
  • The evolution and integration of means of payment and the consequent evolution of tariff policies.
  • Electrification of rolling stock and garages: the financing models implemented (Chile, Europe and China). The evolution of sources and storage of electric energy.
  • The uberization and the economic and financial impact on the concession agreements in force. The urgency of legal and legislative actions for the regulation of new businesses in urban mobility.
  • State-of-the-art collective autonomous vehicles and intelligent garages testing around the world.
We will also have the opportunity to learn about communication and marketing best practices with the presence of the international committee at a local seminar.
For the great conclusion of the year 2020, in November, in Vitória - Espirito Santo, we will have the 18th Latin America Assembly.
From the carriage floor (sorry for the nostalgia) you can see that 2020 holds strong emotions.
Happy New Year to everybody!
Text: Jurandir Fernandes
President of the Latin America Division UITP