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Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil


After being in Europe and Asia in recent years, the UITP Bus Conference is back in Latin America.

Buses have been suffering from a poor public image and are often perceived as noisy, polluting, unreliable, slow and uncomfortable... But buses have moved on.

Low-floor technology has made it possible to significantly improve the image of the bus. Welcome on board! Furthermore, in the last decade a genuine ‘propulsion supermarket’ of alternative fuels and drivetrains has emerged, offering a wide variety of clean fuel options to improve air quality, overcome noise pollution and meet additional policy targets set by the authorities. The hybrid bus and e-bus are part of the range of options available, with the latter opening up new prospects for the electrification of diesel bus lines.

In line with the Grow with public transport campaign, the Bus Conference will capitalise on bus networks that are on the road to achieve the ambition to double public transport’s market share by 2025. That buses have a role to play is obvious, but the Conference will address the key question of whether it is possible to grow on the road by attracting more passengers onto buses where the street network is already crowded.
The Bus Conference will be a forum for sharing ideas and exchanging opinions on whether increasing bus transport use reduces urban traffic congestion.

The Bus Conference will give particular attention to situations where it is necessary to temporarily grow linked to large events, with a focus on bus public transport and large events like the Olympic Summer Games and the Football World Cup.

It is the duty of operators, manufacturers and organising authorities to further improve buses and their image. Measures to this end are manifold in nature: they can be political, technological, operational, commercial and also communications-based.

The R&D project 3iBS, an acronym of Intelligent, Innovative, Integrated Bus Systems, which is coordinated by UITP, capitalises on the European Bus Systems of the Future project. When the Bus Conference takes place, the project will almost have reached its halfway point, having completed nearly two years. Insights into and highlights of new technologies will be part of the programme.

The 8th UITP International Bus Conference will be held in conjunction with 16th Etransport Conference and the 10th Fetransrio Exhibition. Visit the event's website.

Contact: Agnès Peter, agnes.peter(at)