Digital Transport Ticket: the revolution in the transportation system

The plastic cards are numbered. Every day, the payment of services and products through digital means gains more followers. Now, this form of payment will also be used on the transportation cards that companies offer their employees. VT Digital, Autopass' digital transport card, is in the testing phase and should be available to the market in the first quarter of 2020.
Announced during the ANTP Arena in September, VT Digital will revolutionize the transportation system across the country. For companies it is the guarantee that all management will be done digitally and in real time. For users, it guarantees access to the transport service in the palm of your hand and even offers the possibility of checking your balance online and the validation of credits is done automatically.
The unprecedented initiative is aimed exclusively at companies and aims to be an alternative to physical cards, guaranteeing much more convenience to users and protection against card misuse. At first, the service will be available only for tracks, trains and subways, in Greater São Paulo. The intention is that afterwards there will be integration with the buses and the solution will be taken to other states.
The new payment method will work through an application and access will be done through login and password. Payment is made via QR Code directly on the cell phone and the amounts will be deducted from the VT as the person uses the credits.
One of the great benefits of the new digital system is the fight against card misuse by users who sell or lend their transport cards to third parties. It will feature tools to mitigate and control illegal use. Even if someone provides a login and password to download the app, it is possible to monitor the places of use of the cards and identify the misuse.
Once again, technology is collaborating to improve citizens' quality of life and to better manage the transport system!
Rubens Fernandes Gil Filho, CEO of Autopass, the country's largest private company that manages electronic ticketing