At the end of 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Intenational Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) responded to a new (novel) virus, first detected in Wuhan City, within China’s Hubei Province.

As you will know, the outbreak became known as the coronavirus, which has since led the international news.

The developments of the outbreak have been rapid and ongoing, and UITP offers our thoughts and well wishes to those impacted by the seriousness of this virus.

As a global association, with more than 1800 members in 100 countries, UITP touches all parts of the world.

With that responsibility, we’re ready to offer advice and provide engagement for the public transport sector and those with concerns over what the outbreak means for us all.

What does this all mean for the public transport sector?

Safety is a top priority for everyone working in, and using, public transport.

Public transport systems are essential for city living and daily mobility. As moving around the cities we call home is very important; UITP believes that continuity and continued public transport services are vital.

UITP will continue to work closely with public transport operators and authorities offering advice, best case examples, and the necessary assistance to make sure that the best outcomes can be implemented.

Concerns over public transport use are of course being considered and we encourage operators to focus all planned efforts on staff and passenger concerns

Our international events

As the home of many international players in the urban mobility sector, UITP regularly organises global events and meetings to bring together these expert minds to share ideas and debate.

Next week, UITP and the sector will gather in Karlsruhe, Germany for IT-TRANS and the Taxi and Ride-Hailing Conference and Exhibition (3-5 March 2020).

Safety for all our employees, event attendees and guests is always our top priority.

We have, and continue to, examine closely the evolution of the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on an ongoing basis with the appropriate local health authorities.

The risk of infection in Germany is currently low and therefore these events have not been directly impacted in a major way. We do encourage you to take precautionary measures with additional hand disinfection stations being set up and increased on-site cleaning due to take place if you are planning to attend.

UITP will next visit Dubai for the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition (Dubai, 13-15 April 2020) and more information will be updated for the situation within the United Arab Emirates as we move forward. We also encourage you to stay connected to the event’s dedicated website for news from this part of the world.

As well as staying connected to our own channels for information, you can visit the dedicated event websites for both IT-TRANS and the Taxi and Ride-Hailing Event, which both feature advice on the event in connection to the coronavirus.  

UITP wants you to know that we take our responsibility within the public transport sector very seriously, and will continue to offer what guidance we can to those in the urban mobility world. Public transport is essential to our daily lives and we will work to make sure information remains rapidly available.

We have also produced detailed recommendations with guidelines and a factsheet for our public transport operator and authority members (members-only access).

Please stay connected to the newsroom and our social media feeds for more information.