The program is aimed at the managing bodies, public transport operators, academia, research centers and industry, involved in urban mobility.

Created in 2016, it sought to respond to the new challenges posed to the sector at the present time: technological innovation, increased demands for respect for the environment and increased connectivity and the participation of customers and society by demanding quality of services and transparency in the definition of their costs.
In its first cycle - 2016 to 2017, concluded at the UITP Congress - Montreal-2017, communication and promotion practices and their results were focused on the improvement of urban mobility.
In this second cycle - 2018-2019, the program wants to highlight the practices that:
• They point out the connections between Governance, Communication, Marketing and Innovation;
• Inform the results and the difficulties of articulation of the growing number of actors that act in the sector;
• Contemplate the contributions of different areas - communication and journalism, marketing, management and administration, engineering and architecture, law and economics.
Program Process
The process will consist of the following stages:
1. Step: Adhesion to the program
The organizations adhere to the program, with the payment of the registration that entitles them to participate in its activities: workshops, online activities with industry experts, project registration. The accession period is from May to December 2018.
2. Step: Participation in workshop
The organizations that joined the program have the opportunity to participate in the workshops that will take place from April to November 2018.
3. Step: Project registration
The organizations that joined the program have the right to register up to 3 projects. Registration is made by specific form, with the sending of support material, such as printed material and videos. The project registration period is from December 2018 to February 2019.
4. Step: Project evaluation
The participating projects will be sent to the juries. Immediately after the closing date of the call, a first evaluation of the applications will be carried out to check their compliance with the terms and conditions described below:
Adherence to one of the themes - strategic planning, innovation, sales and revenue increase, brand and image, customer experience and assessment of the collaborating staff;
The projects have to be applied in the period of time between 2014 to 2017;
The projects have to be presented and executed preferentially by UITP members; in any case, projects from non-members that meet the indicated criteria will be recognized;
In this first evaluation all the projects that meet the criteria will be defined, with the proper observations of why the election. All observations that qualify after the initial evaluation will be included in the showcase.
The showcase will be available on an UITP page for everyone's consultation, being a preview of the final report. This process will be completed in April 2019.
5. Step: Final result
All projects that qualify for the final report will also be evaluated by an international jury. The international jury will designate the five best projects.
6. Step: Recognition delivery
The acknowledgment delivery will be made in specific ceremony.
7. Step: Promotion
All the indicated projects will be presented in the program report, with publications in the UITP direct bulletin and the sector magazine (OTM).
The recognized projects will have the right to include a special logo mentioning their recognition in their corporate documents.